ESC 2023 Song Review: “My Sister’s Crown” by Vesna (Czechia)

1) The Result

We Are Domi were in the unfortunate position of closing the second semi and then immediately opening the final the next day. They ended up in 22nd place.

2) The Process

ESCZ moved from an online-only to an in-studio session, and perhaps they shouldn’t have. While it’s always good to see how acts hold up live, it was clear that the sound quality was middling at best, and the studio itself seemed empty, especially without an audience present. In any case, Vesna won in a landslide, more than doubling the score of the runner-up.

3) The Artist

Vesna is a collection of six women from different Slavic backgrounds. They met at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague and have released two albums and a dozen singles since their debut in 2017. The goal of the band is to celebrate “femininity and Slavic sisterhood.”

4) The Song

If you were looking for something with a more traditional Eastern European vibe, here’s one of your options. While many elements of the song are modern, from the instruments to the rapping, there is something in the chorus which has a timeless, borderless appeal. The song is sung in Czech, English, Ukrainian, and rapped in Bulgarian — easily the most diverse song in this area this year.

5) The Verdict

A fan favourite since the moment it dropped, there is a lot of hope riding on this one. If this works on stage, it may be in with a chance to equal or improve Czechia’s best result (6th in 2018). I would love to see this happen, as this is such an impressive entry.

My ranking: 6th