ESC 2023 Song Review: “Future Lover” by Brunette (Armenia)

1) The Result

“Snap” by Rosa Lynn may have finished a mere 20th in the grand final, but thanks to it going viral on social media, it is now one of the most streamed Eurovision songs of all time, and charted better than any other 2022 ESC song in dozens of countries across the world.

2) The Process

Armenia has opted for internal selections for a while now, and this year was no different, with Elen Yeremyan (aka Brunette) this year’s choice.

3) The Artist

Brunette is a fairly active artist; she is a member of two group as well as finding the time to release a few singles of her own. Overall, she is still quite new on the scene.

4) The Song

Dramatic, sweeping pop with some bold orchestral flourishes.

5) The Verdict

Let me start by saying that musically there’s a fair amount I like about this. However, the reason this lands where does on my list are the lyrics. Even before I heard that half of them were taken from an old Tumblr post which made its way on to Pinterest I was cringing each time I heard the song. Almost everything clunks along like those two bells in the videoclip. The best part of the song by far is the last 30 seconds, when Brunette switches to singing in Armenian and sounds all the more confident for it. Had she done this all the way through, I suspect this would have been quite a bit higher for me.

My ranking: 37th