ESC 2023 Song Review: “Queen of Kings” by Alessandra (Norway)

1) The Result

The eye-catching pair of “space wolves” which made up Subwoolfer were one of the main attractions of Eurovision 2022. They lived up to the hype, finishing a solid 10th in the grand final.

2) The Process

A particularly strong Melodi Grand Prix in Norway saw the return of Ulrikke Brandstorp (winner of 2020) as well as highly-regarded Elsie Bay (top 4 in 2022). However, Alessandra ended up leaving the rest of the field in her wake, comfortably winning both the juries and televote.

3) The Artist

Alessandra Mele is a Norwegian-Italian singer who made the live finals of the Norwegian version of The Voice in 2022, but was eliminated there. Remarkably, this is her debut single.

4)The Song

EDM meets sea shanty. The song changes pace often enough to keep you interested, kicking into the hard beats to get your blood pumping. And if that wasn’t enough, Alessandra will also be singing the highest note of this year’s contest. This is the kind of song a good portion of Eurovision fans want to see at the contest, but often these kinds of tracks just fall short in national selections (see Sweden’s Klara Hammarström with “Run To The Hills” last year).

5) The Verdict

While I am not one of the Eurovision fans who live for these kinds of entries, and sea shanties aren’t my thing either, there is a lot to like about this song and it definitely makes its presence felt. It doesn’t stick with me as much as others higher on my list, but Norway are on track for another good result and it is well-deserved.

My ranking: 17th