ESC 2023 Song Review: “Breaking My Heart” by Reiley (Denmark)

1) The Result

The pop-punk of Reddi with “The Show” failed to inspire, finishing 13th in the first semi-final. It was the second consecutive year that Denmark missed out on the grand final.

2) The Process

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix continued with the same format, 8 songs on a single night, with a top-3 super final to determine the winning. Reiley’s entry “Breaking My Heart” won with 43% in the super final.

3) The Artist

The 25 year-old Reiley (I think I’m not alone in thinking he was much younger) hails from the Faeroe Islands. Real name Rani Petesrsen, his social media platform of choice appears to be TikTok, where he has over 10 million followers. Since his debut in 2021 he has released an EP and a few singles, and is fairly popular in Korea. In a surprise programming decision, he will open the second semi-final.

4) The Song

Synth-pop with strong Chvrches influence. In fact, listen to the first few lines: they sounded so much like a Chvrches song I went through their back catalogue to work out if there was a specific song this reminded me of (didn’t find it). It’s light and fluffy, with accessible if unremarkable lyrics.

5) The Verdict

This is one of those songs that apparently people absolutely loathe and drop to the 30s in their ranking, or quite enjoy and place a lot higher. Apparently I’m in the latter category. Although I think that it is far from the most original song in the contest, it gets stuck in my head and I don’t upset by that fact. Synth-pop certainly is a genre I spend a fair amount of time listening to, so there’s a comforting familiarity here. Let’s call this my guilty pleasure.

My ranking: 13th