ESC 2023 Song Review: “Carpe diem” by Joker Out (Slovenia)

1) The Result

Last year could only be described as disappointing for Slovenia, as the surprise winners of their national selection LPS couldn’t repeat their efforts on the Eurovision stage, with “Disko” landing in last place in the first semi-final.

2) The Process

Probably seeking to insure themselves against a third consecutive non-qualification, the Slovenian broadcaster went for an internal selection, opting for the young-but-established rock band Joker Out.

3) The Artist

There was an immediate sense of anticipation when Joker Out were announced as the Slovenian entry (we had to wait a while longer for the song). Formed in 2016 from the ashes of another band, they have released two albums alongside the usual smattering of singles. From their live performance on Slovenian TV to showcase their song, it became clear that Joker Out know how to work a camera, and should be able to scale up to Eurovision level fairly easily.

4) The Song

Accessible, fun pop-rock delivered with cheer and enthusiasm. What do the lyrics mean? Well, there’s an English version now, but I don’t feel the need to look it up. This is a great example of a song that communicates its message through the music. All you need to know is the title, and the rest works itself out.

5) The Verdict

This has been a fan favourite since it’s release, and I’m totally with the crowd on this one. It has everything you’d want in an upbeat Eurovision entry, and the fact that it’s a rock song (a genre I listen to a fair amount outside the contest) is even better — I particularly enjoy the guitar solo midway through the track. It would be a travesty if Slovenia weren’t to qualify this year.

My ranking: 7th