Now mostly on Mastodon

Hello readers!

So, I’m sure you can see it has been several months since I posted here. I haven’t given up on the site; in fact, I’ll still be using this for full reviews of Eurovision entries (starting very soon) and reviews of historical contests, alongside any essay-like posts I may write in the future. However, in terms of national selection reviews and general discussion, you can now find me on Mastodon, here:

Eurovision, Seriously @ Douze Points (Mastodon)

Mastodon a fairly small social media platform (10 million accounts as of this writing), but it’s ad-free, and instance admins do their best to make it a hate-free space. I’m part of a small instance called Douze Points, an unofficial Eurovision server. We’re just getting started, but I’m hoping it will eventually become a vibrant community, hopefully without the toxic behaviour we sometimes see on other platforms.