Results Round-Up: Sweden, Iceland, Portugal

It’s been over three months since Albania (or the Czech Republic, depending on how you count it) kicked off the national selection season, and here we are at the final weekend. Just a few more songs to go (Armenia, Azerbaijan, whatever Malta thinks it’s doing) and we have all 40 songs for Eurovision 2022 selected and out in the world.

Melodifestivalen (Sweden), Final
It came down to the public favourite in Anders Bagge versus the jury (and fan community) favourite in Cornelia Jakobs with “Hold Me Closer”. While Bagge won the televote comfortably 90-70 over Jakobs, the jury placed him far lower in their count, giving Jakobs the thumbs-up and enough of a head start to take the crown.

Söngvakeppnin (Iceland), Final
After a mixture of jury and televotes knocked out Katla, Amarosis and Stefán Óli, it was down to a super final between the Daughters of Reykjavik and the “Sisters” (Sigga, Beta and Elín) where the televote only would decide the winner. The public preferred Americana over hip-hop, so Sigga, Beta and Elín and their song “Með hækkandi sól” are on their way to Turin.

Festival da Canção (Portugal), Final
Winning both the jury vote and the televote, Maro and her song “Saudade, saudade” will bring the usual Portuguese vibe to the contest, by which I mean something that doesn’t sound like anything else on offer. This song is one of their more accessible entries of late, but it’s still eclectic in a way only Portugal can manage. The runner-up was Os Quatro e Meia with “Amanhã”.