Initial Review: “Rockstars” by Malik Harris (Germany)

One day, Germany will work out how they want to approach the contest and will stick to it for more than just a couple of years. We’re not there yet, as the Big 5 country returns to a national final, with an odd voting structure to keep it weird interesting.

If I’m being honest, once we saw all the performances there weren’t really any which really jumped out from the pack (commiserations to Emily Roberts, who blanked and forgot her lyrics halfway through her track). However, “Rockstars” was one of the stronger ones: it still reminds me of a song from the early 2000s I can’t quite put my finger on. There’s certainly a familiarity about it. This ticks all the boxes for a solid radio-friendly song. Catchy lyrics, straightforward instrumentation, and something a bit different — in this case, Harris’s rapping midway through.

On stage in Turin, I’d like to see Harris taken away from his instruments (except for this acoustic guitar, he can keep that) so that he can focus on the camera. He seems to be able to connect with the audience, but given that this isn’t the most exciting song in this year’s contest so far, he needs to be able to make the most of this skill. I think the right-hand side of the scoreboard is the more likely result for this song, but unless the staging is mediocre and/or Harris is overwhelmed by the task at hand, Germany should at least improve upon last year’s result.