Initial Review: “Jezebel” by The Rasmus (Finland)

Ever since the line-up of artists taking part in this year’s Finnish national selection UMK was announced, it was clear that The Rasmus were the act to beat. Arguably Finland’s most well-known rock band, they might not have been able to repeat their success with the single “In the Shadows” from 2003, but they have sold millions of records nonetheless and should be seen as a major artist at the contest.

“Jezebel” sees the band sticking to what they’re good at — namely, writing a strong rock song that sticks in your head. With solid lyrics about a femme fatale, there should be enough narrative here to interest some juries even though the televote probably will be the band’s strength. After over two decades of touring across the world, The Rasmus know what they’re doing on stage and shouldn’t need too much staging to deliver a memorable performance.

I’m not really sure what else this is to say. This is a strong entry by a band who might be coming to the contest a bit late in their career, thereby losing some of the name recognition among younger viewers. This is the only downside I can see: I remember The Rasmus, but then I was in my early 20s in 2003, and a lot of viewers wouldn’t have even been at school yet. But given the dearth of heavier tracks so far (we can’t pretend Bulgaria’s entry compares to this), I would be shocked if this didn’t qualify easily and then go on to finish left-hand side of the scoreboard at the very least. Perhaps Eurovision won’t see two rock bands win in a row, but hopefully this will go some way to continuing to cement the place of rock at the contest.