Malta ESC 2022 Reviews: Raquel and Giada

Raquel — “Over You”
This is another song where I feel like I’ve heard some of chord progressions before, but they feel comforting rather than overly repetitive. I’m moderately impressed by this one (penned by the Aidan who also has his own entry) — it’s a ballad with a few moments that stick in your head, especially the wistful line “if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet”, which makes up for all the other lyrics which don’t quite make sense. Once again, the instruments could be bigger: especially the crash of drums at around 2:37, which could have accompanied Raquel to really deliver the last few lines with every bit of passion in her voice rather than staying on more or less the same level as the rest of the track.

Giada — “Revelación”
Another Aidan (Cassar) song — clearly he’s been a busy man lately. The key part of this entry is when Giada sings “revelacion” and follows it with a series of “na na na na”s reminiscent of Rhianna’s “ella ella ella” in “Umbrella”. If this part of the song gets you up and dancing, you’ll probably like the whole thing, because the rest is geared towards returning to the track to its key refrain, down to the way Giada delivers the other lyrics. But if that’s not for you, I don’t think there’s much else on offer here.