Malta ESC 2022 Review: Jessika and Enya Magri

Jessika — “Kaleidoscope”
After representing San Marino back in 2018 alongside German singer Jenifer Brening and four robots, Jessika has returned in an attempt to represent her home country. In a national final where I don’t feel there’s an obvious winner, this would be an okay entry to send to the contest. It’s sufficiently catchy, with a simple but effective synth beat. While it’s not a guaranteed qualifer by any means, there’s some good staging potential and if they could manage a revamp to make the music a bit more exciting that would help. Certainly, Jessika sounds more comfortable singing this than “Who We Are”, so that’s good progress.

Enya Magri — “Shame”
I like the growling vocals in this song, but there’s not much else that excites me. The hard-edged electro-pop instrumentation which kicks in after a minute or so has its moments, but it’s mostly a wall of distortion that distracts from Magri’s voice. We won’t speak of the lyrics, because I realise I’ve already criticised this entry enough for you to work out that I don’t see much potential in this. It’s trying to be tough and overshoots the mark.