Malta ESC 2022: Balkava feat. Nicole and Rachel Lowell

Balkava feat. Nicole — “Electric Indigo”
I’m getting flashbacks to dance songs from the 1990s which combined a violin with electronica in the same way that this one does. Some of that percussion sounds like it was ported here from 1998 or thereabouts! So yes, I guess I’m saying this is outdated, even though it reminds me of the music I heard when I was a teenager, with all the accompanying nostalgia. Probably the less said about the lyrics the better. It’s not a bad song as such, it just sounds a bit too derivative to me.

Rachel Lowell — “White Doves”
There’s a bit of a musical feel to this one, with its storytelling and focus on Lowell’s vocal talents. I can almost see her gesturing on stage in a big dress, walking through a carpet of smoke with a forest on the LED screens behind her. Maybe a burst of sunlight when she sings “dreams” towards the end of the track. However, I can’t shake the lingering feeling that I’ve heard these chords too many times and there’s little new here.