Melodi Grand Prix (Norway) 2022 Semi-Final 4 Reviews: Alexandra Joner and Maria Mohn

Alexandra Joner — “Hasta la vista”
Well, I wasn’t expecting to hear a Latin-tinged song in Melodi Grand Prix, but it’s a welcome addition to the line-up, regardless of how it does. This has the relaxed dance vibes of a tropical beach party — but not in a stereotypical way: this is not a revival of the Latinwave of the late 1990s and early 2000s. In fact, the lyrics dispel with some of the cliches around Latin music. The accordion works as a burst of joy against an otherwise fairly basic music backdrop. The focus will be on Joner’s dusky vocals and what will probably be some impressive choreography.

Maria Mohn — “Fly”
This has a similar feel to Oda Gondosen’s “Hammer of Thor” in terms of its epic soundscape and allusions to Nordic folklore, except this time it’s from the perspective of a woman fighting to protect her(?) children. Mohn’s vocals are crystal clear and she hits a few high notes along way in what is a well-produced song that ticks a lot of boxes. I think the only things that might hold her back are that the genre isn’t for everyone (though that didn’t stop Gondrosen from qualifying for the final), and I’m wondering how they’re going to stage a song that feels larger-than-life in its scope.