Ze Evrosong (North Macedonia) 2022 Reviews: Viktor Apostolovski and Yon Idy

Viktor Apostolovski — “Superman”
I’m guessing this is one of the favourites because it has an instant appeal with its loud and catchy synth hook, not to mention a straightforward chorus that’s easy to sing along to. Musically this takes some lessons from hyperpop, but lyrically it’s rather dodgy at times, with references to fighting the woman of his desire’s father, being with her mother, and playing with her “’cause I’m crazy”. The descriptor of ‘superman’ surely is ironic by this point? But if you look past that, you have a fairly infectious song that undoubtedly will have an impact — whether that’s enough to qualify for the final is another question.

Yon Idy — “Dreams”
Man with acoustic guitar and a dusky voice writes song about lost love. We’ve been here before many times, and look — it’s a competent song, well-sung. I can imagine this being greatly appreciated in a quiet bar late in the evening, or maybe in a beer garden on a Sunday afternoon. At an extravaganza of sound and light like Eurovision? I’m not convinced. Sure, guitar ballads have definitely done well in the past, even outright winning, but they weren’t as subtle and, well — dreamy — as this one.