Ze Evrosong (North Macedonia) 2022 Reviews: Andrea and Kaly

Andrea — “Circles”
This has lots of emotional charge to it, neatly illustrated by the way Andrea’s vocals and the instruments appear to battle in each other in a maelstrom of sorts when the chorus kicks in. It’s one of those songs where the music is there to enhance the mood rather than make its own statement, but this doesn’t matter — Andrea does enough of that herself. Having said all that, I’m about to undermine myself by saying I’m not sure the song has enough punch, even given its emotional nature. Perhaps it needs some more variety, because every time I listen I feel like it lacks that something extra to really make it a stand out option.

Kaly — “Love and Light”
Probably the most ambitious entry here, it combines elements of electro-pop (the synths during the verses) with power ballad-style vocals (in the chorus). Unfortunately, the verses are the most impressive part of the song — the rest of it is fairly messy, and it probably could have used the extra 25 seconds (it’s 2:35) to expand on some of its musical ideas. I think there’s still some potential in this if there was room for a revamp, but as it stands I can’t help but categorise it as incomplete.