Malta ESC 2022 Reviews: Matt Blxck and Nicole Hammett

Matt Blxck — “Come Around”
Okay, the positive aspects of this song: it’s catchy, and Blxck has confidence in his craft with no doubt a strong stage presence I’m sure. But that’s where it ends for me. Reggaeton isn’t one of my preferred genres at the best of times, but it’s the lyrics that really make me uncomfortable. They’re straight-up gaslighting for the most part, and I can’t excuse that. I have nothing further to say about this song except I don’t want to see progress to the Maltese final.

Nicole Hammett — “A Lover’s Heart”
Generally speaking I like the structure of this song. The multiple tease builds finally pay off in a big way when Hammett switches to her operatic voice (hinted at briefly earlier in the song) and provides a euphoric last 40 seconds to the track. Musically it’s a skilful production, the tension between the vocals and instruments throughout keeps the track exciting. My main criticism is that the English lyrics are nonsensical and Hammett would have been fine if she just sang in Maltese all the way through rather than saving it for the end.