Selecţia Naţională (Romania) 2022 Reviews: Vizi and WRS

Vizi — “Sparrow”
Curiously lyrically-focused song which appears to deal with relationship loss from an interesting angle, if I’m reading it correctly: metaphors, including that of a fallen angel consuming large quantities of alcohol and tobacco. The instruments are kept simple: acoustic guitar, piano, some background synths — they’re present to gently amplify Vizi’s storytelling more than anything else, and are very effective in this task. I’m pleasantly surprised by how well this song works once you sit down and take the time to understand its components — assuming that’s what I’ve managed to do here.

WRS — “Llamame”
So, let’s start with the only thing about this song I’m not entirely happy with: the singer mumbles his English lyrics, and really needs to raise his voice or articulate clearly. That aside, this is one of my favourites from this selection. The combination of English verses and a Spanish chorus works surprisingly well (normally you’d expect the languages to be reversed), and the instrumentation is tight and purposeful. The (synth?) guitar hook is very catchy and hints at flamenco without entirely committing, giving the song a relaxed, late summer evening vibe.