Selecţia Naţională (Romania) 2022 Reviews: Seeya and Sophia

Seeya — “Save me”
Well-written power ballad which has a more modern sounds than most of the tracks in this selection. Seeya occasionally overdoes it with her vocals, straining for notes that she probably doesn’t need to hit to have the desired impact. The electronic baby voice works surprisingly well all things considered. Once again, the song ends very suddenly, just when it feels it’s about to take off even further. I’m not sure exactly what instrument they use in the background on occasion (maybe a wood tone block) but it sounds like someone is drinking from a straw: very distracting.

Sophia — “Beautiful Lies”
Constructing a song around hip-hop beats and synth flourishes might give it a modern feel, but it can’t overshadow abysmal lyrics. I can’t get beyond this, sorry — the rhymes are lazy, the general gist of the song something we’ve heard so many times before. If a track is going to be fairly one-dimensional musically and therefore will rely more on the vocals to grab the listener’s attention, either a better lyricist needs to be employed, or the language needs to be other than English.