Pabandom iš Naujo (Lithuania) 2022 Heat 3 Reviews: Vasha and Geleibra

Vasha — “Nepaleidi”
Phew! Lithuania certainly has saved some hard songs for this heat! And when I say “hard”, I’m talking about those beats, give those of Lolita Zero a run for their money, especially with that creepy distorted voice. This is one of those fairly high-impact songs (the video kicks this up a notch) that might hypnotise some people, but equally it will turn others off entirely. I’m not sure which group I belong to, probably the former even though I find the synth voice to be irritating The fact that it’s sung in Lithuanian is probably an advantage in the sense that it adds to the mystery for non-Lithuanian speakers, and yet the key word “nepaleidi” is easy to pronounce and sing along to.

Geleibra — “Aš Jaučiu Tave”
The opening few seconds of this are utterly confusing, with echoing vocal effects. A piano chord comes in to introduce Geleibra and suddenly we’re on more familiar (and comfortable) territory. Accompanied by a crowd of hand claps, it soon becomes clear that we’re in for an anthem with stomps and bangs, or at least that’s how I read the song’s intention. I’m still a bit hazy on what this track is trying to be, and I’m not sure how I feel about the hand claps. They’re certainly something different, but they’re also rather messy as the constant beat throughout the song: loud enough to distract me from Geleibra’s vocals and other instruments.