Selecţia Naţională (Romania) 2022 Reviews: Mălina and Miryam

Mălina — “Prisoner”
Well-produced pop song which has a number of good ingredients, including moody, modern instrumentation, engaging vocals, and accessible lyrics. What it lacks is a defining moment which you’d use for a “highlights” reel. In the last minute, you’re led to believe that Mălina is about to hit the big note and bring the song crashing down around down around her (in a good way), but she reins herself in and it left me feeling that the track hadn’t reached its full potential.

Miryam — “Top of the Rainbow”
We have a second symphonic metal track — although this feels less metal. The first and last half a minute are not to my taste with their “nanana” lyrics, but in between it settles down into the more galloping rhythms we’d expect from this kind of song. Folk elements play a fairly strong here as well, but I find that their jaunty notes occasionally jar with the rest of the song, which takes itself fairly seriously. All in all, it was too inconsistent for my liking.