Selecţia Naţională (Romania) 2022 Reviews: Eugenia Nicolae feat. Cazanoi Brothers and Fabi

Eugenia Nicolae feat. Cazanoi Brothers — “Doina”
The folk elements of the song are pronounced and more importantly, given space to shine. Instrumentally this is fairly sparse, but when combined with Nicholae’s ethereal vocals, the song takes on an intimate feel, like it is being performed in someone’s living room. Even if this isn’t the most exciting track from the Romanian selection, it is certainly one of the most authentic, unpretentious and professional. I hope it at least makes it to the semi-final.

Fabi — “That way”
We have our first trilingual song of this selection — Fabi takes on Romanian, Spanish and English in his chilled-out reggaeton song, which finishes up at just over two minutes. He juggles the languages well, but I’m not impressed by the gratuitous use of auto-tune; I don’t understand why you’d do this when it won’t cut it at Eurovision if you win (unless of course winning isn’t your goal). Musically it’s fine, but no elements of it stand out one way or another.