Pabandom iš Naujo (Lithuania) 2022 Heat 1: Elonas Pokanevič, Mary Mo, and Rankings/Results

Elonas Pokanevič — “Someday“
Surprisingly captivating pop-rock track which overcomes a mumbling start to reach soaring heights in the chorus when Pokanevič really shows us what he’s capable of vocally. It’s catchy enough for me to over look some lyrical clunkers, and the constant build of instruments takes the listener on an exciting ride which unfortunately ends a bit abruptly.

Mary Mo — “Get Up”
This was a song that promised me much but in the end didn’t deliver. I liked the attempt to fuse rock and hip-hop beats with flourishes of EDM, but every time this started building, I didn’t feel like the pay-off was worth the wait. Mary Mo’s vocals were fine without being particularly inspiring. I came away from these feeling like I had heard a demo and that the fully realised song would come another day.

My ranking (before I saw any of the stage performances, qualifiers in bold):

1) Erica Jennings – “Back To Myself”
2) Augustė Vedrickaitė – Before You`re 6 ft Under
3) Elonas Pokanevič – Someday
4) Gabrielė Goštautaitė – Over
5) Urtė Šilagalytė – Running Chords
6) Sun Francisco – Dream Again
7) Aldegunda – Holiday
8) Joseph June – Deadly
9) Mary Mo – Get Up
10) Viktorija Faith – Walk Through the Water
11) Voldemars Petersons & the Break Hearters – Up

A bit surprised Mary Mo qualified, but I guess others saw something in the song I didn’t. Elonas Pokanevič gave a particularly wooden performance for such a vibrant song — he’ll need to improve upon this for the semis. Gabrielė Goštautaitė’s performance, on the other hand, was confused and somewhat over-the-top. I thought I understood what her song was about — I don’t anymore. The best performance of the night surely had to go to Augustė Vedrickaitė, who clearly took the staging seriously as though she was already halfway to the Eurovision stage, and worked the camera angles very well.