Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022: Full Ranking

Spain, I’m impressed! There was much to love in this national final, and I’m a bit sad only one of these songs will end up on the Eurovision stage, as there are a quite a few which I think are worthy of the honour.

One thing I’m learning about myself is the need for me to regularly listen to the entire playlist rather than just focusing on my songs for the day; it allows me to put songs into the broader perspective. So, as with my previous national final reviews, some songs will appear higher/lower than my reviews suggested. I should note that the difference between my top two is very small — if I did this list again next week I might reverse their order.

My ranking:

1) Xeinn — “Eco”
2) Javiera Mena — “Culpa”
3) Marta Sango — “Sigues En Mi Mente”
4) Varry Brava — “Raffaella”
5) Rayden — “Calle de la llorería”
6) Unique — “Mejores”
7) Rigoberta Bandini — “Ay mamá”
8) Blanca Paloma — “Secreto de Agua”
9) Sara Deop — “Make you say”
10) Azúcar Moreno — “Postureo”
11) Luna Ki — “Voy a Morir”
12) Gonzalo Hermida — “Quién lo diría”
13) Chanel — “Slo Mo”
14) Tanxugueiras — “Terra”