Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022 Reviews: Varry Brava and Xeinn

Varry Brava — “Raffaella”
In a national final with a fairly high proportion of bangers, it seems entirely appropriate that we’d have a chilled-out disco track like this one for that extra bit of variety. Brava has a warm, husky voice, and keeps you listening while the song builds up to its primary beat at around 45 seconds in, by which time you’re probably hooked anyway. My main criticism is that it might be a bit too much easy listening in the end, and become a song everyone likes but no one votes for.

Xeinn — “Eco”
Surely this must be one of the major contenders to represent Spain at Eurovision this year. It doesn’t take long before it’s clear that we’re in for a well-produced, tightly-arranged three minutes where nothing is left on the table. Xeinn’s falsetto voice might not be to everyone’s taste, but this song pretty much has everything, even a few lines in English which come out of nowhere and really grab your attention at a time when you might feel like you’re getting the hang of the track.