Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022 Reviews: Tanxuguerias and Unique

Tanxugueiras — “Terra”
If there’s such a thing as a slow banger, this is it. Sludgy, futuristic beats mixed with vocals which seem to be closer to being shouted than anything else. It almost feels like a necessity given how much the primary beat is central to the song. Is this perhaps the Spanish version of the open throated singing style we heard from Ukraine in 2021 and Poland in 2019? I suspect there will be some dramatic staging to accompany this for it to work properly. Ultimately, the song is too repetitive for my liking: more of a vibe than anything else.

Unique — “Mejores”
It’s a proper boy band! We haven’t had one of those at the contest for a while. The clean production of this track makes it easy to listen to, with a thundering yet cheery beat and the variety of voices meaning that other instrumentation is almost superfluous (except for the weird instrumental break in the last minute). The song makes good use of harmonies, like you’d hope it would. Probably its biggest issue will be that there are more engaging songs in the contest which will end up pushing this song to the side.