Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022 Reviews: Rigoberta Bandini and Sara Deop

Rigoberta Bandini — “Ay mamá”
The backing track for this is mostly a collection of uncomplicated synth sounds and beats — it’s the vocals which provide most of the variation. Bandini often sounds like she’s just transferred across from starring in a semi-operatic musical: sometimes she chants, other times she brings in backing vocals and it’s almost choral. It’s a puzzling approach that certainly sets this song apart from the rest of the field. However, while some sections are pretty catchy and easy to sing along to, its quirks might be a bit too much in the end.

Sara Deop — “Make you say
Singing straight out of the blocks, Deop employs the tactic of having the chorus in English, while keeping the verses in her native tongue (Spanish in this case, of course). Her voice clearly is the main attraction, but this also feels like a big dance number — the structure of the chorus immediately being followed by an instrumental break suggests Deop will be undertaking a carefully choreographed series of moves with several dancers flanking her. My issue is that music feels a bit thin at times — even the lifts are less impressive than they could have been without affecting the centrality of Deop’s vocals.