Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022 Reviews: Marta Sango and Rayden

While we wait for the full results of ESC250 for 2021 to be released, I’m going to continue with my Benidorm Fest reviews. Once we know exactly by how much Loreen’s “Euphoria” won for an incredible tenth consecutive time, I’ll post about that.

Marta Sango — “Sigues En Mi Mente”
Oh wow, this upbeat, bouncy song oozes retro vibes more than any other Eurovision hopeful I’ve heard so far this year, most prominently with its ABBA-esque piano melody that pops in and out of the song. Having said that, the production remains fairly modern — it just has very distinctive flourishes from the past. This feels too much like a guilty pleasure to take it too seriously, but for three minutes, it’s a delightful escape which unfortunately ends rather too abruptly, as though the song was planned out for another 30 seconds or so — which then had to be unceremoniously chopped off.

Rayden — “Calle de la llorería”
Skilfully executed track which mixes a driving beat and rhythms which I think will lend themselves well to the stage show, where I can see dancing pairs swirling about. Rayden’s vocals have a rich, engaging tone, and I was curious enough to look up a translation of the lyrics — I’m reminded of the philosophical musings of Italy’s Francesco Gabbani from the 2017 contest. However, none of this adds up to a competitive song. It lacks an obvious hook or refrain, or even just a moment where it moves out of second gear. There’s just nothing particularly special about this that would keep me coming back.