Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022 Reviews: Javiera Mena and LUNA KI

Javiera Mena — “Culpa”
For the first two minutes, this is mid-tempo EDM which doesn’t do anything unusual but is pleasant and enjoyable enough. Then it all changes as a dramatic organ precedes a nice drop and changes the direction of the song enough to get you moving, but not for too long to wear out its welcome (the song ends first). There’s a lot I like about this entry — it didn’t blow me away, but I appreciate the way it builds up and I think the pay off is worth the wait.

LUNA KI — “Voy a Morir”
I don’t have anything against a well-placed use of auto-tune, but it’s worrying when the vocals of a song seem to rely upon it. I’m guessing that Luna Ki isn’t expecting to win this contest and is in it for the publicity (entirely fair), because she’d have to re-record the whole thing for Eurovision. Otherwise, this is a fairly relentless banger which gives you little time to catch your breath before it continues its driving beat. I really like this aspect of the song, even if it makes the track sound a bit one-dimensional at times.