Benidorm Fest (Spain) National Final 2022 Reviews: Chanel and Gonzalo Hermida

Chanel — “Slo Mo”
Fairly low-key for a dance song, this relies very heavily on its primary beats and Chanel’s voice, because musically there’s very little else on offer. I was hoping that there would be some big drops given how the song builds in the first minute, but it more or less stays at the same pace throughout. Lyrically, I like how Chanel inserts the odd English phrase without making it too obvious. Ultimately, the repetition of some words like “mo mo mo”/”more more more” wears thin after a while, and it isn’t the catchy hook it needs to be. (I’m assuming they pronounce “slo mo” differently in Spanish, otherwise we have a new problem.)

Gonzalo Hermida — “Quién lo diría”
This is the the kind of straightforward ballad I’d expect to see in the soundtrack of a sappy romance film: the videoclip full of characters running about and tearing up. Hermida’s delicate voice doesn’t compensate enough for a backing track which sounds all too familiar musically. The guitar at the start of the second verse is probably only the point at which the song shows a bit of character, but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long.