Initial Review: “Lights Out” by We Are Domi (Czech Republic)

We have a our second song for Eurovision 2022, and I’m not surprised to see “Lights Out” by We Are Domi come through as the winner of this year’s national final. It’s the kind of banger that will probably qualify for the final, assuming it doesn’t get stuck in a semi with more memorable songs in the same vein. The strength of this song is in its vocals — the singer has a relatively deep voice with a slight vibrato which really complements the electro-pop beats, and she seems to be capable of hitting a few big notes as well. I don’t feel that the song is particularly original, but this is probably going to be a televote favourite on the night and I’m sure I’ll be moving about happily to it at 6am or whenever it ends up screening.

The only thing that surprised me about the final results was how poorly Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana did, just pushing past Skywalker to finish fourth. The breakdown showed that the Czech public loved “By Now”, giving the duet their top score, but the international jury and public weren’t anywhere near as impressed. Elis Mraz finished second for the second contest running, her favourable scores from the international jury and the Czech Republic just not enough to compensate for the international public putting her fifth in their ranking.

And the last thing I learned from this exercise: it appears I was very much in the minority with my favourite. While Annabelle’s song was ranked third by the international jury, both the Czech and international public votes put her at sixth. Oh well, better luck next time!