Eurovision Song CZ (Czech Republic) 2022 Reviews: Jordan Haj & Emma Svetana and Skywalker plus Full Ranking

Jordan Haj & Emma Svetana — “By Now”

I like this ballad despite myself. I say this because I can see the tricks this is employing to reel me in from the piano to the catchy refrain, and there are elements of this composition I find more than a bit mawkish. However, Emma’s lines in French is a surprise change in direction, with the low-light being Jordan’s sandpaper vocals (someone get him a throat lozenge!). I would have been happier had he taken a backseat to Emma.

Skywalker — “Way Down”
Yes, I remember nu-metal the first time around, and I wasn’t too keen on it then. This track mixes the nu-metal sound with vocals that appear to be influenced by the punk-pop styling of Blink-182. For the first couple of minutes of the song is decent, but then the band decide to introduce grunts and screams, and everything falls apart.

My ranking:

1) Annabelle — “Runnin’ out of Freakin’ Time”
2) The Valentines — “Stay or Go”
3) Jordan Haj & Emma Svetana — “By Now”
4) We Are Domi — “Lights Off”
5) Giudi — “Jezinky”
6) Skywalker – “Way Down”
7) Elis Mraz — “Imma Be”