1960 Contest Song Reviews: The Netherlands and Germany

To defend their title, the Netherlands sent in Rudi Carrell with “Wat een geluk” (What Luck), which tries to capture the essence of Teddy Scholten’s winning entry from 1959 with its cheerful, relaxed vibe and tons of rhymes. The lyrics are brimming with positivity and joy at being in love, so not much new there. Ultimately, the song lacks the hook of “Een Beetje” and while Carrell’s voice glides along amiably, my guess is that his performance is not going to be as engaging.

Germany’s entry breaks new ground in that the title is in a language which is not one of the country’s national languages. “Bonne nuit ma chérie” (Good Night My Love) performed by Wyn Hoop, more or less does as the title suggests, but the lyrics have an extra layer where the “good night” is not just a literal good night to the day, but also to the relationship. This is a ballad the likes of which we’ve seen and will no doubt see again at the song contest, but it feels a bit more classy than the norm, especially with the flourishes of brass instruments. It is easy to follow and well-paced.