1960 Contest Song Reviews: Norway and Austria

It’s a gently swing jazzy debut for Norway, as Nora Brockstedt open the country’s Eurovision account with “Voi voi” (Hey Hey). The focus is very much on Brockstedt vocals — apparently she was one of Norway’s more well-known singers at the time. However, the use of “voi voi” as a refrain which is returned to several times throughout the song doesn’t work as I think it’s supposed to; it jars with the rest of the lyrics, which appear to be about a young woman looking forward to the weekend when she can be reunited with her boyfriend.

Perhaps discouraged by their poor showing in 1969 (equal second-last) Austria’s offering this year returns to the format of a traditional ballad: Harry Winter sings “Du hast mich so faszinert” (You Fascinate Me So). It describes a case of obsessive love, probably unrequited — the song is competent both musically and vocally without standing out that much either. It is best described as a safe choice.