1960 Contest Song Reviews: Denmark and Belgium

Denmark’s Katy Bødtger serves up a slice of nostalgia, longing for the good old days when apparently courting one’s lover was a happier and easier thing to do. “Det var en yndig tid” (It Was a Lovely Time) doesn’t have much to recommend it musically, and I’m feeling some condescension here: Danish speakers will have to tell me if the lyrics are as eye-roll inducting as they seem to be from the translation I read.

Fud Leclerc returns for Belgium for a third time with “Mon amour pour toi” (My Love for You). It is, unfortunately for him, starting to sound a little outdated among the batch so far. However, his performance was fairly convincing in 1958, so perhaps he’ll be able to transform the entry into something more than just a standard love song without any hooks or specific distinguishing moments.