1959 Contest Song Reviews: Switzerland and Austria

After Lys Assia’s successful trilogy of appearances at the song contest, 1959 saw Switzerland send in Christa Williams with “Irgendwoher” (From Somewhere). There’s a lot in this song which is ahead of its time, with a drum beat that sounds quite poppy, and orchestral flourishes which follow the kind of rhythmic structure you’d expect from a pop song. The lyrics and vocal delivery are more traditional, with Williams’ character mourning the end of a relationship, but overall the song feels a lot more relaxed than its contemporaries.

Austria decided to go all in this year with arguably the first completely batty song of the contest. Ferry Graf performs “Der K und K Kalypso aus Wien” (The K and K Calypso from Vienna), an utterly baffling tune which tries to be several things at once, even including bit of a yodeling for good measure. Normally I applaud some experimentation and originality at the contest, but this is just bewildering.