1959 Contest Song Reviews: Germany and Sweden

It’s off to the dance hall with Germany’s entry this year, as twins Alice & Ellen Kessler tell the audience “Heute Abend wollen wir tanzen geh’n” (Tonight We Want To Go Dancing). The Kesslers make the most of their sisterhood, finishing each others lines and generally singing as one to a fairly uptempo beat. However, this song is too close to last year’s entry stylistically — it’s a bit cheesy in the wrong way and conjures up images of silly dances in top hats and canes.

There’s nothing wrong with Sweden’s entry “Augustin” performed by Brita Borg — the first to be selected using the country’s now legendary national final Melodifestivalen. It’s an adequate song about the giddy adventures of youthful romance sung from a detached perspective, which unusual in itself. Borg has a clear and versatile voice which certainly helps the song, but the music doesn’t leave much of an impression in comparison.