1958 Contest Song Reviews: Belgium and Germany

No newcomers in today’s reviews, with two returning singers having their second tilt at the title. Firstly, there’s 1956 Belgian alumni Fud Leclerc returning with “Ma Petite Chatte” (My Little Darling). This is a marked departure from his previous effort, bringing an upbeat, cheerful approach to a love-at-first-sight scenario. The music does a fairly good job of accompanying the lyrics, shifting tone to reflect the way Leclerc’s character is dazzled (and somewhat driven mad) by his lover.

Next up, Margot Heilscher returns for Germany, spinning away from her 1957 entry with some big band stylings: “Für zwei groschen musik” (Tuppence Music) has a lot of brass and appears to be an attempt to appeal to a broader audience than “Telefon, Telefon”. This is also its weakness, unfortunately: the song feels more like an advertising jingle for jukeboxes than anything else, which serves to restrict its appeal.