1958 Contest Song Reviews: Italy and The Netherlands

Held in the Dutch city of Hilversum, the 1958 contest starts with one of the most recognisable Eurovision songs in history: “Nel blu, dipinto di blu”(In the blue, painted blue), more commonly known as “Volare” (Flying), sung by Domenico Modugno. Despite its third place finish, it was an international hit, and has been covered countless times. The chorus is incredibly catchy, even if you don’t speak Italian, and the lyrics, which describe an ecstatic dream of flying, are refreshing given the usual content of these early Eurovision years trends strongly towards standard love songs.

Corry Brokken returns to represent The Netherlands for the third and last time with “Heel de wereld” (The Entire World), defending her crown of 1957. Again, there is little change in her style, and this time it doesn’t work as well as “Net als toen”. The lyrics are a bit different, as her character describes wanting to communicate her joy to the entire world, but the song lacks that extra something to make it stand out from the pack.