1957 Contest Song Reviews: Germany and France

After sending in two of the more remarkable songs in the 1956 contest, Germany continues the trend with Margot Hielscher’s “Telefon, Telefon” (Telephone, Telephone), which not only used a telephone as a prop, but also featured phrases from other languages — a Eurovision first. The song ambles along pleasantly, with a “late night in a city bar” vibe as Heilscher’s character sings about the surprises and joys which can come from a phone call.

In contrast, France’s entry is more “sunny summer morning” — “Le belle amour” (Beautiful Love), performed by Paule Desjardins, describes a day with one’s lover. Like the first French entry “Le temps perdu”, this song is more about creating an atmosphere than a structure modern ears would easily recognise. Unfortunately, there’s not much here to keep me interested.